Leading Multiple Lives – Multiple Persona

Starting this new blog and Twitter, I’ve been struggling all day to figure out how to clearly distinguish my persona of Technology and New Media versus The Avid Knitter (LetsKnit2gether)

I believe that the audiences for each of these are going to be different in most cases.  For example, I doubt that new media folks are going to care that I just finished knitting a sweater for my nieces.  On the other hand, the knitters don’t really care that I’ve just discovered the latest tools for setting up Business Intelligence and Analytics Data Wharehouses.

Both fields interest me greatly, one my occupation and the other my avocation.   So how does one keep them separate?

Let’s start with Facebook.  Seems like there’s no chance of separating here.  You must use your name to create a login.  You can not segment your friends or the status/content you post to target only certain friends.

Twitter is better, but annoying. I can create two Twitter Accounts, but the web twitter tool uses cookies so I have to keep signing in and out of the different accounts to post.  I can’t have two different browser windows up one with each Twitter account.  On top of this, I can’t figure out how to warn people to follow the other account until after they start following the wrong one.  Of course they’re not reading the bio to be clear about which persona is which.

LinkedIn seems to be the easiest as most knitters don’t use this site other than their professional persona, however, there’s not much “social” going on there anyway.  So who cares anyway.

What I think needs to happen is a new platform that defines your Profile of Persona.  When you sign up for a new social network you define the Persona for that network by pointing back to this Profile of Persona.  Kind of like a wallet with different pockets for different persona the way you have for separate credit cards.    Any chance of this ever happening?

Share your experiences.  How do you get it to work.

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